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The records of birds in the Herefordshire county collected over a long period form a robust database that can demonstrate changes in populations, inform conservation efforts and support responses to planning applications.

Submit Records

The club uses BirdTrack, a secure national database administered by the British Trust for Ornithology to store all its records.


We encourage all members with internet access to enter their records directly on the system. It is easy to use, and your own records are readily accessed.

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Records of all species

We encourage the submission of records of all species including common ones, but complete lists of all the birds seen at a particular location are particularly valuable.


Using BirdTrack enables us to contribute to the national picture of the status of birds in Britain. 

Song thrush

Report A Rarity

If you are lucky enough to see a rare bird please inform the County Recorder without delay
tel: 07587 151627

Birds that are rarely seen in the county will require supporting evidence (usually a written description and photographs) so the sighting can be evaluated by the rarities subcommittee.
The species concerned are listed HERE

Photographs or videos will help documentation enormously and should be taken if at all possible; even a mobile phone record may be adequate for identification purposes.

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