Members' Section

Welcome to the members’ section of our HOC website. There are two main parts:

The first contains copies of the most recent annual reports, newsletters and the minutes from recent committee meetings and the AGM. You can also access the HOC blog containing the latest news. 
The second section is an interactive gallery of your photographs and videos which you can access by logging into your own 'member' area. 

Posting Photos and Videos

You can post your photos by following the ‘Add Media’ button on your member page. The preferred format is jpeg but please ensure that the total size of each picture is less than 500KB, and preferably less than 200KB.

Videos must have first been posted on YouTube and you can then post a link to that on the page. Please do not post / upload videos directly to the site.

(If you do this the site will run very slowly. The site admin will remove any videos which do not conform to this format.)

If you have any problems or questions please contact the admin team on the site.

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Photos & Videos