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Herefordshire Ornithological Club (HOC), one of Britain’s longest established and friendliest bird clubs, was founded in 1950 and has over 300 members. Our members have a broad range of interests, experience and expertise. Friendly help, advice and encouragement will be found in plenty whenever you need it.

HOC exists to promote the study and welfare of wild birds and their habitats and the maintenance of ornithological records for Herefordshire. We arrange Indoor Meetings from September to March with a wide range of speakers and illustrated talks. There are also Field Meetings throughout the year across the county and some further afield. Expert leaders will help you to identify the birds that are seen and heard.

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Join HOC, become an active member, and help your local birds.

You will Receive:

  • HOC News our quarterly newsletter in Feb, May, Aug, Nov, either by email or in the post.

  • HOC Annual Bird Report with lots of interesting articles and details of bird sightings across Herefordshire.


Membership fees are due on 1st January each year (unless you join after 1st September in which case your initial subscription lasts until the second year).

We have various categories of membership:

  • Single adult £12

  • Joint adult (same address) £18

  • Family £23

  • Junior (under 18) £5

  • Life £300

  • Joint Life £450

  • Senior Life (over 65) £180

  • Senior Joint Life (over 65) £270

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Download and fill in our Membership Application Forms to Join Us. You can choose Life Membership or Regular Membership. 

The forms below can be downloaded and printed out. 

Once completed please email to the Membership Secretary 

A Standing order form can be downloaded HERE


There are many surveys, organised by the Club and by the British Trust for Ornithology that seek volunteer surveyors.

Across Herefordshire many conservation projects rely on volunteers to manage habitats, create bird-watching facilities, help visitors etc. The Herefordshire Wildlife Trust organises many volunteering activities. In addition, many of the Herefordshire natural history organisations rely on volunteers to support their activities.

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Make a Donation

If you can't join us, or volunteer with us at the moment then why not make a donation? All donations will contribute to The Birds of Herefordshire Conservation Fund which is managed by the Club and is dedicated to bird conservation in Herefordshire.

Donations help support bird and habitat conservation work in the county. For example, the hide at the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust reserve at Bodenham Lake was funded by a donation from a HOC member.

Download the donation form by clicking on the link below: 

Donation Form

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