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About Us

Our Story

Established 22nd April 1950

We are a friendly group and the main social activities of the Club are twofold:
Firstly field meetings with visits to important birding sites and secondly a winter programme of talks and lectures. The details of these can also be found in the Club’s quarterly newsletter.


The second major activity is the collection of data that describe the numbers and distribution of the birds in the county. We have records extending over many years, and are used to inform decisions about conservation measures and responses to planning applications.

In all our activities it is paramount that the interests of the birds come first. All members are expected to follow the birdwatching code and to have read and agreed to our Club Rules.

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Events & Meetings

Indoor meetings
Meetings are held between September and March. Where possible meetings are face to face (depending on If Government guidance). Alternatively we hold meetings by Zoom. 

Field Meetings
We offer a range of field meetings (with limited numers) which can be booked in advance. Check our Social media for any updates. 

Annual Report

The club summarises each year’s records in an annual report which is distributed free to all members. All the records are added to a national database and so contribute to the national picture of birds in the UK.

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Surveys & Projects

Many members of the club contribute to bird surveys, some are modest local projects, others are part of large national projects.

Conservation Fund

The club administers a conservation fund that is used to award grants for conservation activities and to support young ornithologists.

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