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Conservation Fund

The Birds of Herefordshire Conservation Fund (BHCF) was established in January 2019 to finance bird conservation in the county and to support young ornithologists.



The Club invites applications for grants to support bird conservation throughout Herefordshire, particularly for the preservation of threatened species or habitats.


These will be judged by the committee against the following criteria:

•     Will the project help threatened species to breed or overwinter more successfully?

•     Will the project benefit other visitors to the area?

•     Is there a convincing plan for the execution of the project and its subsequent maintenance?

•     What measures are being taken to ensure value for money; e.g. how much of the work is to be done by volunteers?

•     Will the project’s benefits be sustainable in the long term?

•     How important is the grant to the success of the project (what other funding is available or being sought; what will happen if the grant is not awarded)?

Young Ornithologists

The Club is particularly interested in supporting young ornithologists, especially those embarking on a career in ornithological sciences. Post-16 students in full-time education, graduates or post-graduate students wishing to carry out studies in Herefordshire, or with a direct link to the County, who would benefit from funding to supplement their main grant or funding source will be given priority.


Proposals can be made on the BHCF Application Form which you can download and printed out. 
Once downloaded please email to  Secretary
 or post to:
​Old Gore House, Old Gore, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7QT

It is unlikely that grants to individuals will exceed £1000

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