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Best birding sites

Special ornithological sites in Herefordshire

Key  Location        NGR               Type of Habitat                   Access

1  Berrington Hall       SO510638        Lake, woodland & farmland     National Trust

2  Bircher Common      SO460670        Common & woodland                Public access

3  Bodenham Gravel Pits      SO527511        Lake & wetland                        Public access

4  Bradnor Hill NT      SO282584        Hill & common                        Road and PRW

5  Bringsty Common      SO702550        Common & woodland                Public access

6  Brockhampton NT      SO684549        Farmland, woodland, parkland     National Trust & PRW

7  Brockhall Gravel Pits      SO451423        Gravel pits                         PRW

8  Bunch of Carrots, River Wye  SO551381        River & farmland                         Public access

9  Credenhill Park Wood      SO454441        Woodland                         Public access

10  Coneygree Wood, Ledbury    SO718375        Woodland                         Public access

11  Coppet Hill      SO573178        Common & woodland                 Public access

12  Croft Ambrey Fort      SO445667        Hill Fort & woodland                 National Trust & PRW

13  Croft Castle       SO451657        Parkland & woodland                 National Trust & PRW

14  Eastnor Deer Park      SO745378        Parkland                           PRW

15  Ewyas Harold Common      SO385300        Common                          Public access

16  Garway Hill      SO437251        Common                          Public access

17  Harley’s Mountain      SO345690        Open farmland & hill                  Public footpaths

18  Hartleton Lakes      SO652254        Lakes                          PRW

19  Haugh Wood      SO593365        Woodland                          Public access

20  Holme Lacy, River Wye      SO567347        River & farmland                          PRW

21  Hergest Ridge      SO255562        Hill & common                           Public access

22  High Vinnals      SO472731        Woodland                          Public access

23  Kenchester Pools      SO432427        Farmland & pools                  Road & PRW

24  Leominster By-pass      SO505585        Farmland & river                           Road and PRW

25      Letton Lakes      SO354477        Farmland & wetland                  PRW

26  Lugg Meadows      SO532418        Farmland & wetland                  PRW

27  Lyepole, River Lugg      SO398654        River & farmland                           Public access

28  Mary Knoll Valley      SO497718        Woodland                           Public access

29  Mathon Gravel Pits      SO739454        Gravel pits                           PRW

30  Merbach Hill      SO304447        Common & woodland                   PRW

31  Midsummer Hill & Hollybush  SO760375         Hill & woodland                           Public access

32  Milton Cross & Shobdon Ind. Est. SO382606  Farmland & industrial estate        Road only

33  Olchon Valley      SO288317         Farmland                           PRW

34  Queenswood Country Park    SO506514         Woodland                           Public access

35  Red Daren and Black Darren SO297300         Moorland                           Public access

36  Sellack, River Wye      SO565277         River & farmland                           PRW

37  Shobdon Court  Pools      SO401626         Lake, woodland & farmland        PRW

38  The Sturts HWT, Kinnersley  SO336485          Farmland & wetland                   Public access

39  Titley Pool HWT     SO324594          Pool & wetland                           Public access

40  Wapley Hill     SO358623          Woodland                           Public access

41  Wellington Gravel Pits     SO509480          Gravel pits                           PRW

42  Welsh Newton Common     SO515175          Common & woodland                   Public access

43  Wigmore Rolls     SO397688          Woodland                           Public access

44  Wilton, River Wye     SO590242          River & farmland                           PRW

45  Winforton, River Wye     SO293462          Farmland & river                           PRW

Key to abbreviations: HWT = Herefordshire Wildlife Trust; NGR = National Grid Reference; PRW = Public Rights of Way.

Please also remember the Birdwatchers’ code concerning access on land and disturbance of birds.

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